Converting To Comfy Chic City Wear


Moving to the city has really worn on my poor feet. The flats and booties that I sported in the suburbs aren't durable enough to sustain the amount of walking city life entails. Enough bleeding and blisters forced me to succumb to the comfortable sneaker swag. I'm all about versatility, so I wanted a pair office and weekend appropriate. Because I firmly believe shoes can make or break an outfit, I took to the people of Madrid for some style inspiration. I found a ton of comfortably chic combinations!

Comfy Chic

Colorful creepers accent the most simple outfits. A neutral colored oversized sweater, and cuffed black jeans. Classic and versatile, this outfit is a fall favorite! 

Timelessly Trendy

Shredded jeans and white keds, I love this timeless trend! A perfect pair for the weekend warrior.

Perfectly Put Together

Colorful sneakers with a simple button up, I love the versatility of this outfit. A great wear for the office & weekend activities. 

Flawlessly Feminine

SO fond of the feminine outfit paired with comfy shoes. Another outfit appropriate and flattering all around. 

Highly Irresistible 

Love the funky flair she added by mixing high tops and patterned leggings. Comfy, casual, and creative!


Black leather jacket and an invisible heal. Relaxed and retro so right for the weekend!

Blacked Out

All black is always a good idea. Combined with ripped jeans, she rocked this rugged ensamble. 

Blazing Beauty

Clashing done right! Love the comfortability combined with business casual blazer. A more than appropriate accent!

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